Jesus, Coffee and Me...

Life has a habit of just running away (or over us!) before we know it. Minutes turn into hours, hours become days and as quickly as a blink, months have passed, and that regular prayer time we promised ourselves, has become all too rare. We know it would be a very good thing, to carve out a little time, especially in the morning, to read some scripture or a meditation about our spiritual journey.

But it seems like all we have time for is the usual morning rush. Out the door and out of time. We grab our very necessary cup of coffee….and then….and then……wait a minute!….. read more

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Welcome to His Coffee Company

A cup of coffee is like a kind word…they’re both better when they are shared. Friendship and Christian coffee go together naturally. …if a coffee is smooth, comforting and invites good thoughts, then it is much like a good friend. His Coffee Company believes that friends and their coffee should never be parted.

We thank you for drinking our coffee because we know that Christian coffee is not just a drink….read more

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