New CMN Partner Offers Unique Merchandising and Fundraising Opportunities

New CMN Partner Offers Unique Merchandising and Fundraising Opportunities
February 02, 2012 Comments Off on New CMN Partner Offers Unique Merchandising and Fundraising Opportunities

Escondido, California – January 21, 2012 – HIS Coffee Company, a supplier of Christian labeled gourmet coffees (, is excited to announce its new relationship with Catholic Marketing Network.

As a member of CMN, HIS Coffee Company (HCC) appreciates the ability to connect with companies promoting Catholic merchandise and services. “We are so blessed to have the opportunity to present our line of gourmet coffees at the 2012 International CMN Trade Show in Dallas,” says Mitch Rennix, HCC founder and ordained Catholic Deacon. “Through Catholic Marketing Network, our merchandising and fundraising opportunities can create a WIN WIN WIN situation with other like minded companies.” Because many people consider coffee a necessity, coffee has a great advantage over more traditional types of gift merchandise and fundraising programs.

The Christian themed coffees provided by HIS Coffee Company were developed as an outreach evangelization tool to appeal to the estimated 250 MILLION Christian coffee drinkers in the U.S. “We know that many Christians are looking to form a closer, more personal relationship with Christ,” Rennix said. “Therefore, as an extension of the evangelization mission that all Christians have been given by Christ, we’ve developed a program called ‘Jesus, coffee and me’ to raise awareness of creating a personal relationship with Jesus. We promote the concept that everyone allot the 10-15 minutes of time that it takes to drink a cup of coffee to spending it in prayer, reading Scriptures, listening to Christian audio, or in quiet contemplation with Jesus,” Mitch states. “We aren’t putting Jesus on our products to sell more coffee. We’re promoting Jesus, and using coffee as a way to help promote Him.”

HIS Coffee Company is a family owned business committed to helping others. They have developed programs to help churches, schools and other organizations raise funds for their causes, and are expanding the mission to include merchandizing their products to retail outlets.

An Affiliate Sales program is also being developed to expand HCC’s reach nationwide. Individuals who want to earn extra money by helping to spread the Word of God through HIS Coffee Company products are invited to contact us today for more details.

His Coffee Company is dedicated to serving those who serve God and furthering His Kingdom.

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