Welcome to His Coffee Company

We at His Coffee Company are lovers and servants of Jesus Christ and His Gospel message, and believe the only way to experience true peace is to be in union with Him.  Our mission is to develop a culture of Christians who are willing to adjust their busy routine by turning from the world’s constant distractions — the TV, Internet, radio, cell phone – and nourish their relationship with the Lord through prayer and study as they savor their first cup. We call it, “Jesus, Coffee, and Me.”

The back label of our products presents this challenge to all of us.  Imagine what would happen if every person who picked up one of our bags is reminded to spend that first cup with our Lord and put Him at the helm of their day.  Our prayer is that by doing this simple exercise, we become instrumental in developing a body of Agents of Change who are better equipped to go forth and bring healing into a world that needs Jesus more now than ever.    

We are able to accomplish this by partnering with others.  Some are youth groups who need our help to raise substantial funds to accomplish their projects and missions, while also giving them a tool in which to evangelize.  Others are Christian business owners who supply coffee for their employees and choose to support us so that we may be able to support various missions of hope and charity in communities throughout the U.S. and the world.  Still others are churches and retreat centers who use our delicious products on their campuses for events, or daily and weekly gatherings. And then there are those who choose to partner with us as retailers, online buyers, and Sales Affiliates so that they can earn extra money as they serve the Lord. The harvest is plentiful……

In case you are curious about our quality… we only roast the top one percent of beans in the industry, with the majority of them coming from South and Central America.  Our beans and blends have been personally chosen by our His Coffee family of discriminating coffee drinkers, and we guarantee that you will find every bag most enjoyable or we will gladly replace or refund your purchase.  The same goes with our teas. They are premium leaves and are packaged loose leaf, producing the perfect cup.

As Christians, we also strongly believe in making sure the roaster from whom we purchase supports growers who pay their workers fair wages.  We won’t have it any other way.

Be on the lookout over the next few months for our improved website.  We’ll have exciting new things to add, as well as a brand new look. Our shopping cart will not be affected, so we invite you to try some of our delicious coffee and teas for yourself.

For any questions or inquiries please write to us at: info@HisCoffee.com


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