“Jesus, Coffee and Me”… it’s our Mission!

We are on a quest to make a positive difference in the world by using coffee and tea as a way to deepen one’s relationship with Christ through our mission called “Jesus, Coffee and Me”.

As we expose ourselves to the daily media reports of the world around us, they rarely bring us hope; instead, they bring us fear, overwhelm and a sense of foreboding. We know the world is moving in a direction that does not offer us much in the way of peace or certainty. Its loss has trickled down into our own lives affecting our families, our marriages, our health, our friendships, our employment and our faith in the human person.

It comes as no surprise that this decline coincides with the fact that too many people have reduced, or eliminated the one person that can fill our lives with true peace and true certainty… Jesus!  He is the source of all peace and the one on whom we can trust with certainty. When we take away the source of peace and certainty, enviably a society will fall into anxiety and despair. Increasing His presence in our lives is the only answer to restoring what has been lost, or what the world has taken from us. That restoration can begin here and now…at this very website…and you can be a part of not only bringing back something positive into your life, but into the world around you!

Picture sitting with your best friend, discussing all the details of your life while enjoying a steaming cup of coffee. Many of us have someone with whom we’ve done this – a best buddy, a spouse, a grandparent or a trusted friend. We’ve become comfortable with them because of the time we’ve spent together and the fact that we have learned about their habits, their values, their way of living and how they think; just as they have learned those things about us.

Whether we realize it or not, each one of us has a trusted friend in Jesus. He is there whether we invite him in or choose to shut him out. He is faithful, merciful and loves us unconditionally; he will never impose himself upon us but will wait for us to invite him into our lives. He knows exactly what we need to make us happy beyond our imagination, but until we give him our permission to put us on the road to getting there, he sits and waits patiently.

“Jesus, Coffee and Me” is a simple way to initiate and/or deepen our relationship with Christ. We know it’s hard to develop new habits, so we came up with something easy to incorporate into a habit already well-established. Drinking a cup of coffee or tea at the onset of one’s day is a habit shared by most people. Many take this time to read the news, open their Facebook, and check their email. Our thought was; spend the time it takes to drink this first cup of the day and get out of these distractions of the world, and invest it in deepening a relationship with Jesus. We don’t trust someone we don’t know, and we can’t get to know someone unless we spend time with them. Here is an easy way to spend time with Jesus, learn about him, and begin to let go and trust him.

Begin by pouring your first cup of His Coffee or Tea, then open your bible and ask Jesus to help you get to know him. Ask him to speak to you. Then be quiet and savor this time with the Savior. Oftentimes the Holy Spirit will lead us to a passage to read and ponder. As you commit to this simple, 15-20 minute exercise every morning, you may just find that a conversation begins between you and our Lord. Sooner or later He will become that person with whom you talk about everything over that steaming cup of coffee!  Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight. Relationships take time. But be assured that He is a generous friend. If you give Him the time, He will bless you in many ways over.

Imagine what would happen if people who sip our delicious coffees or teas choose to spend that first cup with Jesus and put Him at the helm of their day? Amazing blessings are promised to those who seek Him! Peace can replace anxiety. Happiness can replace sadness. Joy can replace sorrow. Love can replace loneliness. Together we can accomplish this.

Our prayer is that by joining the faithful who are embracing this change in their lives, more people will experience Jesus’ love, and in turn feel His healing peace. As that first cup of the day turns into the gift of knowing Jesus better, we can all be living the positive change in our lives. Before long we become ‘Agents of Change’, better equipped to share His Gospel message of hope in a world that needs Him now more than ever. It’s a ripple effect for the positive! We are called to love one another as Christ loves us, so we must first understand how much Christ truly loves us. This is a great way to make a small change that has the potential of making a huge difference! We know this goal is lofty, but we also know that “with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

Jesus, Coffee and me…it’s our mission…and our invitation to you!


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